The global church needs leaders with profound preparation.

Westminster Theological Seminary is pursuing a comprehensive campaign to better serve and equip the future leaders of Christ’s Church to proclaim the whole counsel of God—for now and generations to come.

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The story of Westminster began 90 years ago when our founders faced a choice: to stay in place or to boldly go.

The founding of Westminster began when J. Gresham Machen resigned from his esteemed Princeton post. Machen—and others who soon joined him—felt convicted to oppose theological compromise and instead chose obedience to the truth of the Bible and centrality of Christ. They set out to create a new seminary where the future leaders of the church would be trained with both precision and praxis that might result in profound preparation for a lifetime of ministry.

Profound preparation in today’s ever-changing world requires a holistic approach.

Westminster aims to equip leaders with biblically robust theological training that connects:

Physical + Digital

Bridging the gap between a physical campus and online platforms ensures every corner of the global church can be trained with excellence.

Mind + Practice

Integrating instruction of the mind with practical training and residency experiences enables readiness for all roles and stages of ministry.

Truth + Love

Pairing a deep knowledge of theological truths with sacrificial love empowers students to draw near to God and each other.

Near + Far

Reinforcing deep commitment to both the local and global church expands understanding of God and his work throughout the world.


As we look to our 100th anniversary, we have a vision to serve the global church with renewed imagination.

By God’s grace, our humble beginnings have resulted in great impact, and we believe God is preparing us for far greater than we can imagine. Through an enhanced campus, amplified training, and expanded online learning platform, we believe we can elevate students’ experience and lower barriers of access to the profound preparation today’s leaders need. By God’s power, we press forward with renewed imagination for the future of how this seminary can serve Christ and his church.

Imagine a Pastorate

We will amplify our training of the next generation of pastors so that these leaders are both deeply trained to teach the Word of God and shepherd the people of God.

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Imagine a Campus

We will enhance our campus so it is a more welcoming home for our students—where they can live, worship, and build community while also receiving a robust theological education en route to being launched into the world.

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Imagine a Global Network

We will expand our online offerings and digital ministry platform so that the whole church—domestically and globally—can have ready access to training and resources to be better equipped to lead and serve.

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The Far Greater campaign seeks to generate $50 million.


This vision is far greater than our own lifetimes; it is a dream for future generations around the world.

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